Love/Hate Tag

Love/Hate Tag - Fall Edition | Noting all the wonderful things I love about fall and a few things that I dislike rather than hate...i.e. how short it is.

Hi everyone!

A while back my lovely friend Teresa, from The Pink Peeptoe, tagged me to do the Love/Hate Tag. Typically the tag is done in a list format, where we note 10 things we love and 10 things we hate. Teresa took it a step further and wrote a very lovely post. I hope you read it because it’s really thoughtful.

For my post I thought I’d focus on—FALL!! I too am quite excited for the change of weather as I’m quite tired of having my makeup go from fab to somewhat fab just by walking to and from my car.

Disclaimer—I don’t really hate anything about fall, but rather dislike a few things here and there so I’ve modified my answers to reflect it. Here we go!

Things I love about fall:

1.      An abundance of ginger flavored goodies.

Gingerbread spice tea is truly something to look forward to!

2.      Sweater dresses!! The sweater dress is definitely my favorite fall/winter fashion piece.

3.      Dressing up Penny! I don’t dress Penny up during the summer as she gets hot quite easily so I take full advantage during the fall and winter. She looks so cute!!

Even Penny has an ugly sweater! Such a cutie!!

4.      Wearing my onesie!! Oh, I just love that thing. Ryan makes fun of me for bumming in it all throughout winter …but it’s his fault for being so thoughtful and buying it for me two Christmases ago.

5.      Visiting a pumpkin patch!

6.      Running in the morning! Yes, it’s a bit chilly but it totally beats seating before even getting started.

7.      Cooking a turkey! I have yet to master the art of cooking a turkey to my satisfaction—Ryan always compliments my cooking, but I know better than to truly believe them all the time. Historically my turkey has been a bit on the dry side. Yes, I look forward to practicing.

8.      Snuggling up with Penny & Ryan under a bunch of blankets while watching a movie and drinking hot chocolate/wine.

9.      Holiday movies!

10.  Decorating the house! Oh. My. Goodness. Do I love decorating our house! It is just so lovely to see our living space get all decked out in cozy fall decor.  

Splashes of fall decor

Things I dislike about fall:

1.      It only lasts what seems like 2 weeks in Las Vegas! NO BUENO! I may be exaggerating here, but it is definitely the season that lasts the shortest amount of time.

2.      There aren’t enough trees with changing leaves within the city to admire. I’m envious of Instagram accounts that post all sorts of beautiful images of trees with changing leaves. On the upside, I get to admire them from my phone & I don’t have to rake them—but I do miss the experience of being surrounded by them.  

3.      Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy becomes really hard to come by—it’s a shame because it’s my favorite beer. Apparently it tastes like Fruity Pebbles—I don’t think so; I find it refreshing.

4.      The inception of holiday shopping stress. I remember when I got my first job—before I was introduced to credit cards—I spent all my money on everyone else thinking it was expected and that they would all have such a fabulous holiday because of it. Once Christmas came, a common response from everyone was, “You really shouldn’t have…”. It was hard not to question my choices after that as it wasn’t exactly the response I’d hoped for.

5.      Boxing up all my sundresses—or most of them—for the next few months. 

6.      Fewer BBQ’s to hold and attend. Truth be told, we have BBQ’s year round but especially during the summer. We just love the taste of grilled meats.

7.      Daisies aren’t in season anymore.  They are my favorite flower.

8.      That leggings/tights are not an option anymore but rather a must. I love them for their warmth and comfort, but I don’t like that I seem to need new ones every year. They’re ‘espensiv….unlike sweaters they don’t seem to last me very long seeing as I seem to use them on a daily basis.

9.      Daylight Savings Time!! I really don’t like that it gets dark so much faster during the fall. The day’s just seem so much shorter; as if time weren’t already going at a million miles an hour. On the upside, there seems to be more time for snuggling with Penny.

10.  That it ends…