#Review & #Unboxing of Thierry Mugler Addict Subscription

About Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler is a fashion designer turned fragrance mogul. (His Instagram account is loaded with fashion inspiration, with a few fragrance bits here and there, all of which are quite beautiful.)  He began his career as a designer in 1973, and lunched the Angel fragrance line in 1992, according to the website. The line of fragrances are described as "bold scents full of character"—I think they nailed the description.  

Thierry Mugler offers a $50 subscription of the fragrance line that ships four times a year which amounts to $12.50 per delivery. If you’re not interested in purchasing the subscription you are also able to purchase full size bottles of their products from Walgreens, Target, & Overstock.com just to name a few.

I purchased my subscription in late August after reviewing the details on MySubscriptionAddiction.com and received my first box in September which was quite a nice surprise.


Let me start off by saying that they did an excellent job at wrapping up my delivery. This lovely box, contains a second box containing a few fragile items which is quite thoughtful.

Inside were the following charming bits:


The fragrance is on the citrusy side and it is long lasting—“bold and full of character”— both being great characteristics. I’ve not tried the actual perfume sample from the bottle, I have, however, finished the body lotion, the hand lotion and the shower gel—none of which have disappointed as far as providing a lasting fragrant impression. (Mini reviews for each: the hand lotion was the quite hydrating; the body lotion not so much; and the shower gel foamed beautifully.) While they were all lovely, I honestly don’t think the scent suites me. I gravitate more towards subtle floral or sweet fragrances. I think these unused items will find a loving home in my little sister’s fragrance collection as I find that she gravitates towards such scents and they do suite her best.

The subscription is great overall—you get so many little bits in a single box; and if distributed evenly the cost of the subscription is $12.50/box which is just lovely! Going forward I'm certain that extra bits will make for little random gifts to my mom or sister given the exceptional packaging.

What did you think? Have you tired any of Mr. Mugler’s products before? I’d love to know. 

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