A Penny A Day #2: Enriching Blogs/Videos/Content

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week.

I’ve been quite inspired by many posts this week—here are just a few.

1.      I love popcorn!! It’s light and fluffy and crunchy and oh so satisfying—and when combined with additional spices and possibly bacon—well then, my taste buds emulate Mexican jumping beans. (Other than in cartoons, I’ve yet to see beans jump but thought it a fitting reference). Anyway, here are two mouthwatering recipes I’m determined to try out very soon:

a.      Pumpkin Pie Popcorn by Elizabeth from Rock-A-By Parents

b.      Bacon Caramel Popcorn by Cat from Oddly Lovely

2.      Amazing Proposal for Aurora Survivor by Michelle Hoover of Style Me Pretty

This is not only an amazing proposal but also a wonderful love story that will have you tearing up—at least it did me.

For those of you that are married, or that have been proposed to—did you ever discuss what your ideal proposal would be with your significant other? Personally, I just advised Ryan that I didn’t want anything too public. I wanted it to be a special moment for the two of us—and for no one else...and it really was special. I’m really glad I had that discussion with him.

3.      Who owns a story? By Keisha of The Girl Next Door is Black

Being active on the web means a lot of individuals can see everything you’ve written, even things that relate to people in your life. When that happens, your loved ones/acquaintances are the viewed through the story you portray, exactly as you’ve portrayed them which may not be in the best light. Is that fair? That is what this post brought to mind and really made me think that, while I’m already cautious about my content, I need to ensure everything is as accurate as possible and as positive as well.

4.      The Perks of Google Plus! By Stacy of The Dating Divas

Chances are most of us have a Google Plus account, but how many of us regularly use it? I certainly don’t do so very often at all…I probably check it once a day by accident as the app is quite close to my Twitter app. Nothing against it or Facebook for that matter! I just find it challenging as it is to keep up with all these social networks, but this article presents a really solid case for why I should stop ignoring Google Plus. As it turns out—it’s a platform that is easily personalized so that you actually receive updates from people of interest, plus a few other perks!

Loved this post because it wasn’t only informative but it also had a lot of images directing me to the exact location of what it is that she is referring to—so helpful!

5.      How to Follow the Facebook Pages You've Followed posted on The Dusty Parachute

 Dear Facebook,

…I don’t really get you…I’m so sorry. I will try harder and it starts…next week.


This post reminded me of one of the reasons I don’t quite understand Facebook—the fact that even though you may have a substantial following, only a small percentage of your following receives your updates. Again, this post is filled with very insightful images.


Amy Lynn Thompson is just lovely! Recently discovered her channel and love her personality!

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