Pro’s & Con’s of Subscription Boxes & My Subscription Box Edit

"Subscribe & Save!"

That is the main thing that draws me into signing up for a subscription box & I’ve signed up to, and paid for, quite a few. So, works. 

My subscriptions:

1.     Olive Box

2.     Nailette

3.     Studio Wed Box

4.     Petite Vour

5.     Mugler Addict

6.      Wantable Intimates

7.      Fabletics

8.      Julip Maven

It all started because I had some extra birthday money to play around with, but then I became hooked. So, step one to battling any addiction is owning up to your problem, which I did about 2 weeks ago—2 months after initially signing up.

Pros & Cons of Subscribing

My reasoning for downsizing stems from my pros and cons list.

Pro’s for signing up:

1.      You have an opportunity to tryout products you’d never would have tried otherwise.

2.      It feels like Christmas once a month or so.

3.      When full size samples are provided it makes it easy to identify the value of the subscription.

Cons of keeping a subscription going:

1.      Your monthly budgeting may be thrown for a curb if you don’t plan accordingly.

2.      You won’t always love all the products.

3.      Products may easily accumulate.

4.      Duplicates! You are sure to receive a few duplicates over time.

5.      You don’t always have the option of choosing your products

At a glance it may seem like I’m opposed to such subscriptions, but really I’m not as I weigh the importance of each differently. I am, however, opposed of having such an extensive list of subscriptions.

Editing Down My Subscriptions

Let me just say, this was really, really hard for me—yet another sign of having a problem… I just can’t afford to continue, especially because I have so many other things to save up for and invest in (i.e. my wedding). Anyway, going forward you can expect reviews from the following subscriptions:

#1 – Fabletics ($49.95/month)

Fabletics offers amazing quality, fashionable pieces and affordability. Additionally, prior to receiving my first box I only had a small collection of gym clothes that were practically falling apart.  In other words it’s a need and a want!

#2 – Petit Vour ($15.00/month)

This is one of the two skin care/makeup subscriptions I signed up to and one I am planning on maintaining, for now. I just enjoyed most of the items I received in my box & in the process I discovered companies I never would have discovered otherwise.

#3 – Wantable Intimates ($36.00/month)

This one…this one is most definitely a want and not a big need…I just can’t help it. I say it’s a want because half the things they’ve sent I don’t really need. I have plenty of colorful socks as I just hate walking around the house barefoot. What I do need are undies and bras but have yet to receive a bra, however I have received a few undies. 

#4 – Muggler Addict ($50/year)

I have yet to receive this box. Considering that I’ve already paid for a year’s worth of the subscription, why not. This will be the only year though..

My budgeted monthly total will now be $100.95—which turns out to be close to my monthly storage unit payment I recently canceled. I should really save it but I am hooked, for now.

Following this post, I shall explain why I painfully canceled the rest…

Let me know your thoughts on subscriptions! I’d love to consider another perspective.

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