Adopting My Precious Penny

Almost as soon as I moved in with Ryan, which was a few months after our engagement, I started asking if we could adopt a puppy on account that I dearly missed Curly, my very first puppy. Curly, pictured below, was originally my puppy—a gift from my former roommate. I love him so much and really wanted to take him with me when I moved out of my mom's but both he and my mom became quite attached to one another while I lived there and so I couldn’t take him with me. I just couldn’t break the two of them apart.

One of the requirements I had for us was that our puppy not be a young puppy but rather an adult or senior dog—which, the classification of adult vs. senior, is actually quite dependent on the breed of a dog—or a puppy with special needs. To sum it up, I really wanted to adopt a "less adoptable" pet. We don’t have children, and don’t foresee ourselves having any anytime soon, but dog-on-it—my thirst for owning a little guy would not be quenched until we adopted a puppy that truly needed our help. recently posted the following stats regarding the pets that have the hardest time finding a forever home:

While on PetFinder I also noticed comments relating to the astronomical veterinary costs that are attributed to adopting a senior pet, one among many other concerns relating to adoption in general—all totally valid points as to why one may choose to adopt a more desirable pet.

We adopted a little Lhasa Apso, Penny. She was two years old, although she appeared older, and had just given birth to a litter of puppies when we picked her up. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her demeanor towards the volunteers. She was incredibly affectionate and active. She looked a bit adult given her long shaggy gritty hair, and she had quite a saggy belly. Thankfully Ryan didn’t notice her belly as quickly as I did, otherwise I don’t think we would have adopted her. He was apprehensive about my desire to adopt a pet in need. He’s much more reasonable than I and he has to be as I’m quite driven by my emotions. Had I gone there on my own, I’d probably have adopted more than one puppy—thankfully that wasn’t the case because, yes, owning a single puppy is quite expensive, but oh so rewarding. Having her has brought us closer; she keeps mommy sane while daddy is out working late; and she gives us such unconditional love—it’s priceless.  

Everyone has their opinion on the matter of adopting “less adoptable” pets; mine, is that if you have the means, patience, and if you have an understanding of what you’re looking for in a pet, you should certainly adopt, and leave shopping for the weekend.

If you’re looking to adopt a pet that suites your lifestyle, here are a few resources that really helped me:

1.      Animal Foundation – Local LV animal shelter

2.      SPCA International—Global Animal Rescue

3.—Love this site for it’s articles

4.      Cesar Milan (Website) (YouTube)—Ryan loves him! Me…not so much. He’s too keen on authority for me, but that may be exactly what you’re looking for.

5.      The Shelter Pet Project—A great search engine for finding your pet.

6.      Dog Breeds List—I just loved this site!! 

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