Pinterest Lovin!

Today I’d like to share with you some of my favorite pins. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!  

·         Patriotic barn 

Patriotic Barn

o   Simple yet so impressive

·         Mason jars

Patriotic Mason Jars

·         Pink dresser

Pink Dresser

·         Green dresser 

Green Dresser

o   I’d love to get away with putting this in our home! Ryan would never allow it though.

·         OMG Becky Sign 

Yard Sale Sign

o   The most creative yard sale sign ever!

·         Yard sale sign

Yard Sale Sign

o   I know this is simple—but it is so eye catching.

·         Pickup picnic

Pickup Truck Picnic

o   I think I have a thing for pickup trucks because of Taylor Swift

·         Hipsters – The World Tour Infographic

Hipsters - The World Tour

o   I find this infographic both funny & cute!

·         Should You Have a Yard Sale Infographic 

Should You Have A Garage Sale

o   This is quite useful if your on the fence about bucking up and throwing a yard sale.

·         Tina Fey Quote

Tina Fey

o   Tina is one of the most amazing women I know—I just love her humor.