Planning for my first international GIVEAWAY!

Happy New Year! (LOL—a little reference to Frosty The Snowman.)

I hope you’ve all been well and at least half way getting into the holiday spirit. I’ve really been getting into the holiday spirit lately given all the holiday sales. I know it sounds superficial to say that but, honestly, I love shopping during the holidays because there are cute excited kiddos everywhere! I find their excitement absolutely infectious!  I’ve also been indulging in  an amazing assortment of baked goods and holiday chocolates, which I've vowed to be more mindful of my intake going forward as I've found it difficult to keep my workout schedule lately.  In addition to all the shopping and eating, I’ve also been crossing people off of my holiday shopping list AND that includes you via an international giveaway!! Tis the season for being grateful after all—and I’m certainly grateful for everything I’ve received this year.

A quick recap:

1.      Our family has been in good health and has been quite happy.

2.      February 16thPenny joins the family!!

3.      I start a new chapter of my life—my blog! I’ve grown steadily and that is just the perfect speed for me.

I haven't decided on what would be make for the best giveaway prize yet though; for that I need your help! I have, however, narrowed it down after taking a few items into consideration.

1st Order of Business - Shipping Restrictions

Holding a giveaway isn’t exactly what I thought it’d be initially given that not everything is shippable out of the U.S.—I.E:

·         Aerosols

·         Alcoholic Beverages

·         Cigarettes

·         Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

·         Nail Polish

·         Perfumes containing alcohol

In other words, all the good stuff! This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to restrictions as each country has its own set of restrictions; more are listed on this site.

With this list in mind, I could giveaway:

·         a book?

I love books and I would love to send someone a good book that I’ve really enjoyed.

·         an eye shadow palette?

There are really lovely holiday pallets available right now!

·         a curling iron?

I’m running out of ideas here…

2nd Order of Business - Shipping

In addition to trying to determine what would make a good present, the cost of shipping is also a major consideration. Shipping internationally, to some places more than others, is quite expensive! 

Our current shipping rates:

2014 USPS International Shipping Rates

2014 USPS International Shipping Rates

Some of these shipping rates amount to more than what some of the products I considered cost! Honestly, it hurts a bit…it hurts to know that if I decided to forward one of my lovely readers a small gift, the cost of shipping might surpass the cost of the gift and that is just--no bueno.

With all this in mind…I’m thinking that a gift card—yes, a cold, slightly thoughtless gift card—may be my best option, although--many noteworthy companies offer e-gift cards which makes for a slightly more thoughtful gift in my mind. Just to name a few possibilities:

1.    Starbucks

2.    Etsy

3.    Erin Condren

4.    Bath and Body Works

5.    Barns & Noble

6.    Sephora

7.    Amazon

I’m personally not a fan of gift cards, but considering everything, it’s quite difficult for me to make up my mind as for which to choose. I'm leaning towards Etsy right now...but I don't know.

Let me know which is most enticing for you?! I’ll start the giveaway next week.

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