Petit Vour//October 2014 - Unboxing & Review

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week! I’m close to finishing the Confidence Code, which is amazing and I’ll share all about it in due time, and I also enjoyed delicious Thanksgiving. I hope that you too enjoyed a lovely holiday.

Today I’m finally posting my unboxing/review of my October Petit Vour subscription box. I’m so sorry for my delay. I filmed it but everything looked orange—and I do mean everything; even a big spot on my forehead turned out orange. All the editing in the world couldn’t salvage it.

About Petit Vour

Petit Vour offers a $15 monthly beauty and skin care subscription service. Your box comes with four to five luxury vegan and cruelty-free miniatures—with a few full sized products thrown in now and then. These are usually beauty products which is always welcome but honestly I most look forward to their selection of skin care products.


This month I received four products.

1.      Forager –Woodland Eau de Parfume (mini)  

2.      Flo + Theo Body Butter – Lemon Orchard (generous mini)  

3.      Devocean Natural Lipstick – Firebird (full size)

4.      S.W. Basics – Makeup Remover (generous mini)

Forager –Woodland Eau de Parfume  

This fragrance is unisex, which was surprising as I found it on the feminine side. It has notes of cedarwood, high alps lavender and sweet, rich herbs. It is lovely and quite subtle as well. While I did enjoy this perfume, I really didn’t think it was long lasting, and given that a full size 2 ounce bottle costs $98 I would certainly expect it to last.

My one other gripe, that the sample container is one of those hard to open bottles with a pop up top as opposed to a spray top. The first time I tried it I spilt quite a bit of it which was disheartening.

Flo + Theo Body Butter – Lemon Orchard

This body butter is wonderful! It is very hydrating and while a little does go a long way as the card advises, I did go through the whole little pot in two uses. Given the change in temperature, my skin has been going through a panic attack (or so it seems) hence I may have used more than what I would have under normal circumstances. The scent is lovely, citrusy and subtle. It is so subtle that it allows you to turn around and spray on perfume without feeling like you’ve just created a fragrance cocktail.

A full size product is 4 ounces and costs $28.00 which seems reasonable given the luxurious feel it leaves on your skin.

Devocean Natural Lipstick – Firebird (full size)

Pacifica Beauty has a lovely range of lipsticks. They are thoroughly hydrating, richly pigmented (after a few applications), but unfortunately I didn’t find this particular one long lasting. It may have something to do with the fact that I drink a lot of tea and snack all day long but I do have other products that last but they aren’t quite as hydrating. Having said all that, I do love this product. The color is a really beautiful orange-red—one of my favorite colors—and priced at $14/unit.

S.W. Basics – Makeup Remover

This little one was my favorite product! It removes makeup beautifully and leaves my skin feeling quite nourished. I am definitely purchasing a full size 2 ounce bottle once I’m done, and I love that it is affordably prices at $14.

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