TMI Tuesday: Why event planning?

Why event planning?

That question was recently posed to me in various forms by an admirable acquaintance, to which I consistently answered, “…because it’s fun!” Looking back I wish I would have provided a more insightful response.

I’ve been blogging for a little over a month now and realize I’ve written very little about myself, other than the about me section, which I sometimes wonder if it’s even worth have up as it’s such a dynamic topic—for anyone really. I’ve recently decided that I’d like to get a bit more personal and to begin I’ll do my best at answering this question.


#1 - Personal Fulfillment

Event planning is something I find exciting & fulfilling. I foresee myself taking part in all sorts of event planning opportunities—from garage sales, to kid’s parties, to bachelorette parties, to weddings – to fundraising events. True, I’m all over the place considering that specializing in one type of event is the general occupational journey. I’ve not declared my occupational major yet, if you will, and I’m quite happy with that position. At this point, my anonymity affords me the fabulous opportunity to experiment and that is a wonderful position indeed.

#2 – Creating a Community

I thoroughly enjoy interacting with people—mostly in person, but slowly I am learning to enjoy networking via the web. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around how amazing this internet thing truly is as I find myself feeling a sense of community with individuals clear across the other side of the world.

#3 – Learning Opportunities

In my first twitter account I wrote that I was a “Rebel Girl and Forever Student”—to which I say amen! I just love to research different topics—especially those that pertain to history, etiquette, party planning …all girly things…etc., etc. Event planning offers that opportunity frivolously.

#4 – Embracing Technology & Social Media

Event planning, social media & technology—like virtually most things in life—go hand in hand. The proper combination of each can truly create a magical experience. Tech Cocktail is a prime example of how these elements can create an explosive combination.  

#5 – A Substantial Job Outlook

I see so much potential in this career path given that it is quite time consuming; not generally a constant need within small businesses, hence the need to hire someone full time is not always there but quite essential when the need arises.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also substantially supports my hypothesis by reporting that the job outlook stands at 33%, a much faster growth rate than average.  

Quick Facts: Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners

2012 Median Pay

$45,810 per year 
$22.02 per hour

Entry-Level Education

Bachelor’s degree

Work Experience in a Related Occupation


On-the-job Training


Number of Jobs, 2012


Job Outlook, 2012-22

33% (Much faster than average)

Employment Change, 2012-22


Going forward I hope to answer the question more effectively. Hopefully I won’t get tongue tide as I did before and answer more succinctly.

Ever been caught in the situation where your thoughts don’t quite make it to your tongue as quickly as you’d like?