Our Top 2 Venue Picks for Our Wedding!

Last weekend Ryan & I went on an uber exciting journey—we went to Napa! Our mission: to pick the venue for our April wedding!!! I know I’m using an inordinate amount of exclamation marks here but I’m so excited to finally start planning my own wedding.

We went to various locations and have narrowed down our selection to just a few options. At this point, we haven’t made a decision yet as each is absolutely lovely and charming in it’s own way.

My Vision for My Big Day

Before getting any further I should share with you my vision—if money was no object. For my big day, I envision lavender accents along the aisle; a wall of candles of varying sizes as the backdrop for the ceremony; and only my dearest closest relatives in attendance. It would either take place in front of a fireplace or outside in a garden, or the like. The reception would take place outdoors. The site would be adorned with sunflowers, lavender, green and gold foliage, burlap or lace, pillar or taper candles in delicately adorned bottles of wine as well as a plethora of twinkling lights. There would be laughter and great story telling amongst everyone. In the background there would be music and possibly a movie projecting—maybe Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina, Roman Holiday or The Little Mermaid. I’d love having a s’mores and popcorn bar as well as some board games for the kids to play with—young and old. The dinner—matters but really I just hope everyone enjoys it. My family is Mexican and probably expect tacos and beer but I hope to have a catered plated dinner with a homemade cake. While I love Vegas, I do not wish to get married here as it would make for an never ending list of attendees and I just don’t care for such opulence hence a destination wedding is more befitting. We would also like to take care of everyone’s room expense for the night before our wedding and, if our budget permits, a bit of entertainment the day after the wedding.

Venue Options

With this vision in mind, let me introduce to you our options.

Option 1: Depot Hotel Restaurant and Garden in Sonoma

Cost: $

Restaurant's main entrance 

Option 2: StoneTree

Cost: $$$

Considering everything, what do you think? Which is your favorite option? 

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