Penny & I - Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots started off as a blog and evolved into a jewelry company.

 I love creating - especially products I can show off, but more than anything I love to fall in love - especially with stories of happy ever after. If you are anything like me, you wear your heart on your sleeve proudly. With that comes a desire to wear things that mean something to you and  that take your breath away everytime you see them.  These sentiments inspired my jewelry collection. My bookmarks are inspired by my love for books and the need to keep my place while on the go. Bookthongs are not only charming but also functional. Unlike traditional bookmarks, these don't slide around easily, leaving you in a bind to figure out if you have read that page or not. (Sometimes it is not that bad of a predicament, as you end up reliving crucial points in the story, but other times you just want to get to it and losing your place is the worst thing imaginable.)

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