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Designer Jewelry On Sale

Shop an elegant selection of designer jewelry on sale that is updated weekly or biweekly.

This category exists because I want my handmade vintage-inspired jewelry to be accessible.

It is also a fantastic way to celebrate special holidays and events that honor my Mexican-American heritage with you.

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Are you worried about compromising your personal information?

Please know that I take your personal information and privacy very seriously, and I would never sell or exchange it.

I know that shopping for designer jewelry is a treat for us or those we love and would like to spoil a little.

What if you or your loved one isn’t entirely in love with your purchase?

Return or exchange it!

While this category is specially made for jewelry on sale, it does not mean that the pieces listed here are not eligible for a return or exchange.

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to initiate the return process.

All you need to do is email me at:

In your subject line, please include your order number, and within the body, let me know if you’d like a return or exchange.

I would also love it if you provided me with a quick note about why you’re requesting your return.

My greatest desire is to provide anyone enchanted by my handmade jewelry with an opportunity to shop affordably and with ease.

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