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Glittery jewelry is a fun and affordable holiday-themed jewelry collection for those who love glitter, bold colors, and festive fun.

While my shop is dedicated to honoring the past with vintage-inspired jewels that celebrate Mexican-American Heritage, certain holidays and silhouettes are universally loved and embraced.

This glittery jewelry collection is a nod to those of us who love celebrating big holidays such as:

• Christmas
• Halloween
• Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead)
• Valentine’s Day
• And more!

Once you get your hands on any of these fun glittery jewels, you’ll quickly find that you’ll want to wear them out on more than just that particular holiday.

There’s something so unique and timeless about wearing glittery jewelry.

It instantly revitalizes your mood and takes you back to the day when you first embraced that dash of sparkle and felt as if magic were a reality.

Whether or not you believe in magic, what is true is that you’ll always feel extra bold and exceptional when you wear a piece of fun holiday-themed glittery jewelry.

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