Unique Gifts For Book Lovers

If you’re searching for unique gifts for book lovers, this selection of beaded bookmarks and keychains is exactly where you need to shop.

These handmade bookmarks make unique gifts for book lovers because they are not traditional bookmarks. They are also known as book thongs.

While traditional bookmarks are lovely and much loved around here, they are not the favorite as they tend to slip and slide easily.

Bookthongs, on the other hand, are more likely to stay put when you’re traveling with your book and bookmark in hand. This is a case where friction works in your favor as the pages of your book and the fabric from the cord of the bookmark work collaboratively to hold your place.

Not a fan of book thongs but still looking for a gift to give your fellow bookworm, browse these cute tassel keychains.

They work great as keychains or as planner charms as they are lightweight and quite a lively accessory.

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