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  • Sugar Skull Earrings With Coral Flowers
  • Elegant Day Of The Dead black sugar skull and coral floral tassel dangle earrings #sugarskullearrings #handmadeearrings #dayofthedeadjewelry #flowerearrings
  • Elegant Day Of The Dead black sugar skull and coral floral tassel dangle earrings #sugarskullearrings #handmadeearrings #dayofthedeadjewelry #flowerearrings #skullearrings
  • Black Sugar Skull Tassel Earrings

Orange Flower Bead Sugar Skull Earrings


Elegant and lively Day Of The Dead black sugar skull earrings with coral floral tassels that will bring in a pop of color to any outfit.

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These Day Of The Dead black sugar skull dangle earrings are paired with black and coral glass flowers. They are accented with delicate Swarovski Crystals to add a touch of glam. 
Whether you wear these with your power suit or with your little black dress, they are going to make you feel playfully flirty.
These lovely sugar skull earrings with coral red tassels offer the perfect amount of flair.
The coral flowers stand out beautifully against matte black bugle beads and a black sugar skull.
If you, or the person you’re shopping for, love a subtle yet striking amount of color, you would love these earrings given their charm and elegance. 
Get them before they disappear on November 8th, 2020.

The inspiration behind this piece

These handmade sugar skull statement earrings are a perfect mix of flair and subtle festive ambiance. They will see you through an evening night out or to the office potluck. 
The colors were thoughtfully selected in reverence for the meaning given by the Dia De Los Muertos Holiday.
Black is indicative of death while orange represents renewal from the sun, or light. Combined they make a sticking & cheerful design. 
Mateirals used for this sugar skull earrings include seed beads, Swarovski Crystal Beads, flower beads, a sugar skull bead, and stainless steel earring hooks. 
Stainless steel is generally considered a hypoallergenic alloy, although it may contain trace amounts of nickel. In most cases of earring sensitivity, nickel is found to be the irritant.
To learn more about earring sensitivity, click here. 



     – Stainless Steel Earring Hooks *

     – Gunmetal-Plated Findings


     – Swarovski Crystal Beads

     – Czech Skull Beads

     – Seed Beads

     – Glass Beads

* If you have sensitive ears, please read this article where I explore which metals are hypoallergenic. Stainless steel earring hooks may contain nickel, which is often the cause of irritation.


Top to Bottom: 3.4 inches
Design Length: 2.65 inches

Care instructions

Brass pieces should be stored in airtight containers when not worn to minimize tarnishing. If a piece starts to lose it’s luster, clean it gently with a soft cloth, soap, and water.


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