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Pearl Tassel Earrings


Short & classy tassel earrings for the win.

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Ingrid Tassel Earrings

Your new set of famous pearls

If you’ve been meaning to dab into the long earrings trend and are a bit hesitant as they seem to be quite the commitment, I think you’ll love this set of pearl drop earrings. They make a statement without being too bold, long, or heavy.
If you worry about whether your face shape will accommodate the look – don’t. They are the perfect earrings for the oblong face shape, the round face shape, or the diamond face shape – they truly compliment all face shapes!

The Inspiration

Like many, I fell head over heels for Ingrid Bergman breathtaking beauty and talent in Casablanca. It started in my early 20s and has steadily grown in appreciation and respect since then – like most true love stories.
Ingrid Bergman was not only talented but also quite the style icon. Unlike other fashionistas of the time, she embraced both the feminine and the masculine trends. Regardless of the look du jour, she always flowed with strength and femininity.  That aura is what inspired these earrings.

How It’s Made

These handmade designer tassel beaded Swarovski Crystal earrings are made with silver-lined and black seed beads accented by pearl Swarovski Crystal beads. They are just under three inches long which seem to be the perfect length for those who are new to long costume earrings.
They were inspired by a piece of stunning jewelry set Ingrid Bergman wore in a glamourous shoot. These aren’t quite as lavish – one day I’ll create something that elaborate – for now, I’ve designed more wearable version.
Pearls are having a moment. This set of famous pearls provides you the perfect opportunity to embrace the fashion subtly and gracefully.
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  • Total Length: 2.50 inches
    Design Length: 1.50 inches


  • 6mm Swarovski Crystal Beads
  • 11 o Silver Lined Beads
  • 11o Black Delica Beads
  • Silver Plated Brass Earring Hook


Brass pieces should be stored in airtight containers when not worn to minimize tarnishing. If a piece starts to lose it’s luster, clean it gently with a soft cloth, soap and water.


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