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Pyrite Bezel Necklace


Take center stage with this pyrite stone bezel necklace.


Eve Bezel Necklace 

A necklace that dazzles with graceful energy

Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gents – this pyrite crystal necklace is going to blow you away – figuratively.
Whether or not you love the spotlight, you deserve to feel like the starring lady of your life, however you define this role. By donning this intricately composed pyrite pendant necklace, you are sure to come into your own seamlessly as pyrite crystals are known to increase positive energy and happiness. Characteristics commonly used to describe leading ladies throughout the ages.

The Inspiration

Film noir sparks my creativity because of the cinematic romance in feel and style. It is quietly bold and eternally dreamy. Maybe it’s the fact that film is seldom shot in black and white these days that makes me romanticize it so much, but the truth of the matter is that through this handmade jewelry collection I am trying to revive a bit of glamour from that era. Does that speak to your heart as it does to mine?
Envision this bezel edge necklace adorning the neck of a Hollywood starlet wearing an off the shoulder, figure-hugging gown. She set her curls and makeup and, with his dazzling bezel around her neck, asserts that she is ready for her closeup. Now envision that this starlet is you, how do you feel? Glamourous? Ready to seize the day and conquer the next scene of your life? I hope so. Regardless I think this necklace will resonate with you.  

How It’s Made

This pyrite pendant necklace commands attention. It is best worn as a choker, but it can be worn as a longer necklace due to the adjustable clasp. As a choker, the attention is placed on your elegant neck and consequently your lovely facial features.  
This necklace bezel is made up of a pyrite cabochon, Swarovski crystal bicones, Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and silver-lined seed beads. These elements adhere to black felt and silver PU leather.
From a metaphysical point of view, pyrite jewelry is known to positively interact with all chakras, promoting good luck, abundance, and overall wellbeing.
If you have questions relating to the Eve Bezel Necklace, please contact me via my contact page. I truly love hearing from you so don’t hesitate to reach out.
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  • Pendant Diameter Length: 1.3 inches
  • Necklace Length: You choose! The one shown in the picture has a 14-inch chain and 3-inch extender. * Most necklaces have 3-inch extenders. 


  • PU Gray Leather
  • Black Beading Backing
  • 13mm Pyrite Gemstone Cabochon
  • 4mm Swarovski Crystal Black Bicones
  • 4mm Light Gray Swarovski Crystal Pearls
  • 11o Silver Lined Seed Beads
  • Black String
  • Gunmetal-Plated Chain


Brass pieces should be stored in airtight containers when not worn to minimize tarnishing. If a piece starts to lose it’s luster, clean it gently with a soft cloth, soap and water.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with my work, you can:
1) Return the product for a full refund and $10.00 shop coupon. Once I receive the product, I will issue the refund.
2) Exchange the defective product for a brand new corrected product, and $10.00 shop coupon.
3) Keep the damaged product but at a discounted rate with a $10.00 shop coupon.

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