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Small Silver Pearl Hoop Earrings


These dainty & unique handmade Swarovski crystal pearl earrings are sweet and versatile with their monochromatic color scheme and size.

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These unique handmade crystal earrings are sure to captivate you with their elegance and versatility. 

They are dainty, lightweight, and full of charm as Swarovski crystal pearls and bicones dazzle with your every movement. 

Nowadays, hoop earrings can often seem like a dime a dozen, given their well-deserved rise in popularity – not these beauties. You can be sure to get a lot of use out of them as they pair splendidly with most outfits.

If you’re in the market for a small, understated set of earrings, these will be perfect for you. From top to bottom, they measure about 1.13 inches, with the design measuring approximately 0.88 inches. 

If you’re looking for something that makes a little more of a statement, take a look at my Claudette Silver Pearl Hoop Earrings. These measure 1.63 inches from top to bottom, and the design measures around 1.34 inches.

The inspiration behind this piece

Clara Bow was the Hollywood it-girl of the 1920s, which starkly contrasts with her humble beginnings.

She was born in 1905 and grew up in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Her mom had a mental illness, which required that Clara assist her family from an early age.  Her father struggled to keep a job, which meant that the family had to move house quite often within the Prospect Heights area.

In the early 1920s, Clara fell in love with the silver screen. She, like 50% of Americans, attended the movies every week. Upon returning home, she would reenact scenes from the movie she thought were not adequately executed. Hence, in essence, she was entirely self-taught. (What a smart cookie.)

With the support of her father, she entered the “Fame and Fortune” acting contest hosted by Brewster publications’ magazine. Winners of this contest were often presented with opportunities to take part in future film production. Clara won but, unfortunately, would not receive any roles following the competition. 

Undeterred and optimistic, she dropped out of high school and continued pursuing her dream of becoming a Hollywood starlet. She eventually landed a role in the movie Down to the Sea Ships (1923). While she did not play a lead role in this film, her performance shone brighter than those of her peers. A critic said of her performance, “In movie parlance, she ‘stole” the picture…”

Following such critical acclaim, she went on to star in various films. In a few of these, she played the role of the flirtatious flapper. Director Frank Lloyd explained, “Bow is the personification of the ideal aristocratic flapper, mischievous, pretty, aggressive, quick-tempered and deeply sentimental.”

In 1927, Clara Bow shone in six Paramount releases. It – a film about a youthful shop girl who falls in love with her boss Cyrus Waltham – was one of them, and it was also the film that earned her the coveted title of “The “It” Girl.”

Clara Bow was a classic beauty of her time and was best known for her genuine acting ability. 

These unique handmade crystal earrings are classic and genuinely versatile. They will make a lovely addition to your carefully curated collection of handmade jewelry. 



     – Stainless Steel Earring Hooks *

     – Gunmetal-Plated Findings


     – Swarovski Crystal Pearl Beads

     – Swarovski Crystal Bicones

* If you have sensitive ears, please watch this video or read this article where I explore which metals are hypoallergenic. Stainless steel earring hooks may contain nickel, which is often the cause of irritation.


Top to Bottom: 1.13 inches
Design Lenght: 0.88 inches

Care Instructions

Brass pieces should be stored in airtight containers when not worn to minimize tarnishing. If a piece starts to lose it’s luster, clean it gently with a soft cloth, soap, and water.


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