• Handmade-Sugar-Skull-Brooch-By-Kaleidoscopes-and-polka-dots
  • Handmade Sugar Skull Brooch
  • Sugar Skull Brooch by Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dots
  • Sugar Skull Brooch - BACK - by Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dots
  • Sugar Skull Brooch - FRONT - by Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dots

Sugar Skull Brooch


Lively sugar skull brooch to accompany you on Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) festivities, or for when you are feeling especially contemplative.

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Only Available Until November 8th, 2020

Celebrate Day of The Dead (a.k.a. Dia De Los Muertos) with this enchanting brooch. 
Made with glass teardrop beads, seed beads in a unique stitching pattern, it is sure to add a lively accent to any outfit. 
Day of the Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos, is an occasion to celebrate the lives of those we’ve loved and lost. It’s an occasion to honor their legacy and reflect on our own. 
This brooch is symbolic of that reflective spirit. 

The inspiration behind this piece

This piece is a labor of love. 
I created this design after reading a book on Frida Kahlo. Like many Mexican American women, I adore her work. The images and colors she used in many of her pieces were saturated with symbolism and passion. 
This sugar skull brooch is my ode to Frida’s spirit  – everlasting passion. 



     – Gold-Plated Pin


     – Czech Skull Beads

     – Seed Beads

     – Glass Beads


Top to Bottom: 1.6 inches

Care instructions

Brass pieces should be stored in airtight containers when not worn to minimize tarnishing. If a piece starts to lose it’s luster, clean it gently with a soft cloth, soap, and water.


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