Desert Sky Bookmark | Bookish Gift | Best Friend Gift | Bookish Christmas | Literary Gift

Desert Sky Bookmark | Bookish Gift | Best Friend Gift | Bookish Christmas | Literary Gift


This beautiful bookmark makes a great gift for your book-loving friend. 

The brass charm is double sided, each side offering a lovely embossed moon & star. The gemstones used are unpolished pink ocean agate. These are complemented with fire polished glass beads and metal beads. 




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Average Cord Length: 13 inches

The length of the cord can be shortened. If you'd be interested in shortening it, please let me know otherwise you will find that this bookmark will accommodate most of your books and will sit on your bookshelf comfortably. 

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I was inspired to create my own book thongs after testing one out. My first book thong was an impulse buy given that the ends of the thong had cute puppy related charms. Yes, the charms drew me in, but the fact that it didn’t slide out as easily as most of my other bookmarks got me hooked. Not only did these bookmarks work better with my books on the go, but they also added a little bit of magic with a set of dangling puppies! The main shortcoming to this adorable & functional bookmark was that it didn't accommodate all my books, especially larger hardbacks. I also found that they did not work when books were added upright to bookshelves. The bottom charms got in the way. With these concerns in mind, I designed and started making my own creations. Along the way, I learned a lot about the art of beading. I fell in love with this art form and quickly wanted to expand and do so much more. My new endeavor is to expand my bookish creations to include bookish inspired pieces humans can wear.