The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickerson #quotes #booklove #bookbloggers #lbloggers

Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickerson 

The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickerson #quotes #qotd #lbloggers #bookbloggers #booklove #bookporn
It was Nick.
You’re ace, you know that right? (page 26)
Bam. She Opened her eyes saw the opening of his collar and threw the snow down the back of his neck. He leapt back from her, whooping and laughing. He danced a jig, hopping and leaping and shaking his jumper to get the snow out. ‘You cheeky monkey!’ he yelped. (page 134)
She had’t felt a thing, not a single spark. ‘It was like kissing a brother.’
‘Save to say the stars won’t be aligning for us.’
‘They can’t even be bothered to get out of their arm chairs.’
‘Lazy stars…’ (page 160)
‘Hello, my darling, this is a nice surprise.’
‘What were you up to?’
‘Um, well, Love Actually’s on TV, so I was giving that a go. I don’t like that secretary of Alan Rickman’s much.”
‘I don’t like anyone who’s mean to Emma Thompson.”
‘Me neither.’ (page 161)
The Twelve Dates Of Christmas by Lisa Dickerson #booklove #bookbloggers #bookquotes #lbloggers #bookporn #romcom
‘Wait, Claudia,’ said Nick. She turned back. He was holding out his glass with a gentle smile. ‘Before you go you have to try some eggnog, otherwise…Christmas won’t like you any more.’ (page 180)


“Your life is a mess, sort it out,’ Claudia said quietly to herself. (page 185)


“It’s snowing,’ stated Nick. ‘As much as I like you I don’t’ want you to see my willy now.’
‘I guess I can wait a little, as much as I like you.’ There. She’d said it.
‘You do?’
‘Um, quite a lot.’
‘Well then, bestie, can I take you on a date tomorrow. An actual date, that you agree is a date?’ (page 192)


‘Nervous? Of you? You’re not scary.’ (page 196)


‘Bloody hell, did you pickax my head last night? It feels awful.
‘Nope,’ she said opening the curtains and picking up his duffel bag. She unzipped it and started chucking his clothes in. ‘Didn’t give you so much as a passing thought last night, to be honest.’ (page 328)
The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickerson #booklove #bookbloggers #lbloggers #qotd #bookquote
‘I haven’t fallen in love,’ he yawned. ‘I’ve loved you for years.’ (page 339)