Inspired by Dorothy Dandridge's cheracter in Bright Road where she played a 4 grade teacher, this brooch is carefully made with pages from a book, a button, seed beads, and a lot of care. #vintageinspired #handmadebrooch #paperbrooh #bringbackthebrooch #broochesareback

Vintage-Inspired Blog

Inspiration for my vintage-inspired handmade jewelry is abundant and vast.  In this space, I share my findings, which include focused pieces around:

  • enchanting leading ladies
  • a specific era of fashion
  • jewelry-related topics – how to take care of it & creating original pieces inspired by any of the above

Each blog is filled with vintage photographs, book reviews, original YouTube videos, and creative vintage-inspired jewelry – and so much more!

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Vintage-Inspired Projects & Jewelry Related Posts

My love for Frida Kahlo’s work and fighting spirit inspired me to create a vintage-inspired jewelry collection with Frida as my muse.

Through this post:

  • You’ll better understand my design process
  • You’ll get sneak peeks into what is coming up next.


If you find that as soon as you put on a set of cute affordable earrings, your ears feel like they are on fire, then you have an allergy to metal, most likely nickel. 

Nickle is readily available in nature and is commonly used to create items we use on a daily basis.

It is also easy to work with and is quite affordable, hence those cute affordable earrings tend to itch quite a lot.

So what are the best metals for sensitive ears?

Paper jewelry has captivated my heart for years.

Transforming pages from a book whose words have meant the world to my heart into something wearable fills my heart with inspiration. 

In this post I share my experience creating: 

  1. A paper brooch
  2. Paper heart earrings
  3. Paper flowers

Enchanting Leading Ladies

Frida Khalo’s work was haunting and passionate. 

It is said that her paintings captured how she felt about the world and her life. 

So who was Frida Khalo? Why was her work so dark?

In this post, I explore her life, work, and more. 

Take a look at the beautiful life of Dorothy Dandridge, the first African American actress to ever be nominated for an Acadamy Award in a leading role. 

In this blog:

  • You’ll find vintage photos aplenty of Dorothy Dandridge
  • A brief video documenting her life’s story
  • My review of Carmen Jones & Bright Road, both starring Dorothy Dandridge
  • Three original handmade accessories inspired by Dorothy Dandridge

When Selena, The Netflix Series, was announced I screeched with joy because Selena Quintanilla’s music was integral to my teen years, and my appreciation for music. 

In this blog: 

  • I review Selena The Netflix Series
  • I make Selena Quintanilla inspired heart earrings
  • I review To Selena With Love by Chris Perez

Exploring Fashion Throughout The Ages

1940s fashion is a product of the ingenuity and government regulations. 

In this post you will find many images and videos relating to this fascinating era. 

What exactly is vintage?

What makes it vintage?

These are questions, I used to ask myself. 

These are the questions that inspired me to take a deep dive and write this post. 

Have you ever wondered if you’re too old to wear a flower crown? 

If so, let me just assure you that you are not.

Flower crowns are universally loved around the world by all – and from what I can tell, especially “grown-ups.”