Social Media, Marketing & I

I am by no means an expert on social media or marketing; I’m rather more of a newbie.  As such, every day I strive to learn something new in relation to these topics as it’s a top priority for me. I have done so successfully with the help of various websites:


·         SumAll

·         Pinterest—specifically infographics relating social media and marketing

Honestly, with all my efforts, at this point I still don’t fully understand how, or why. the need to use most platforms—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumbler, MySpace. The main consensus is that if you don’t post—you don’t exist to anyone on the platform. None of them are particularly difficult to use, they just require a certain level of commitment in order to succeed within them and, to my understanding, each has a certain niche following.  Yesterday Bobby from the Bobby Bones Show explained his perspective which is that Instagram is where people go to play nice, Twitter is where they keep it real, and Facebook is where people are mean.

My impression of the platforms I use:

Twitter is where people go to share news stories and relevant business information and updates—and it’s the best platform to network with new individuals. The use of hashtags is what makes networking here more accessible.

Pinterest is my new go-to to find answers to all my “how to” questions.

Instagram…picture sharing? I haven’t posted too many on here. I have tones to upload but I still have to edit, save, and archive. I put a question mark next to “picture sharing” because browsing other peoples pictures seems a bit odd to me considering that they are strangers and most posted pictures seem personal in nature. Here I’m mainly thinking about what I think is my main feed; browsing personal pictures of people I know ,or have an invested interest in, however, I’m totally not shy about stocking.

Facebook is where I communicate with friends and share more personal items—this sentiment may change as of this morning given that I have officially transitioned over to a business page.

Tumbler—so neat! It’s like having my blog, Twitter and Instagram wrapped up into one space. I hope to get more involved, but time is my biggest constraint.

MySpace—mainly for musicians and artists to share their stuff. I have been meaning to frequent my site more often as I just love staying in touch with the local indie music scene. So in that regard, I suppose it caters to the fellow music/art lover.

Notably, I’m still quite green behind the ears, but I reckon I’m not alone in in this sentiment—even among individuals my own age. Ironically, I blame school for my green ears as I stayed away for years out of fear of losing focus on my studies. Now that I see a purpose behind keeping tuned in and active I wish I had been more active as it would have probably provided me with a bit of an escape.

Do you have your own reservations about social media platforms? Do tell!

Before you go, I’d like to share some of the most interesting infographics I’ve found this week relating to the topic.

Where are people spending their time in 2014?