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Shop necklaces that range from classic & elegant to boho chic. Because getting ready in the morning can be an unexpected adventure, Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dots offers a variety of handmade necklaces for any occasion or mood. These include elegant bezel necklaces, bold hot pink necklaces, yellow flower necklaces, classic pearl necklaces, long pearl necklaces, chic boho beaded necklaces - and more. Whatever the occasion, or your fashion inspiration for the day, you will surely find an enchanting necklace within this selection that suits your style and love for art and history. Thank you for supporting Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dots, a small handmade business owned and operated by a Latina who moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, from Mexico as a young girl. When you shop here, you not only support Kaleidoscopes and Polka Dots, but you also make a difference within the community. 10% of every purchase is set aside to help support both The Animal Foundation & The Wounded Warrior Project.