Tis To be #JoyouslyThankful!

get A 45% Discount Code when you give back to your favorite Cause

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Operation #JoyouslyThankful has come to a close - for now. xx

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Let us all come together this holiday season and spread a little bit of joy in our community by donating a little bit of time or material goods. The power of one is greater than we can ever imagine so don’t discount your contribution. 
In exchange for your generosity, I will personally deliver a discount code to your inbox. All I need is the following: 
  1. For you to post an image of something that is representative of your donation on Social Media
  2. Use the hashtag #JoyouslyThankful
  3. Let me know by tagging me or emailing me at lovealways@kaleidoscopesandpolkadots.com
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