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Square Patriotic Pearl Drop Earrings - Elegant Vintage-Inspired Beaded Earrings

Square Patriotic Pearl Drop Earrings - Elegant Vintage-Inspired Beaded Earrings

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Square Patriotic Pearl Drop Earrings – Vintage-Inspired Patriotic Pearl Drop Earrings

Occasionally, an idea follows you around, gently nudging you to act upon it and make it come to life - that’s what happened with these Square Patriotic Pearl Drop Earrings.

These elegant earrings are inspired by Sweetheart Jewelry, popular during the Great War of the early 1900s and again during WWII.

Those with a soldier in their heart wore a piece of jewelry in their honor and with great hope that they’d come home.

As you can imagine, each piece was priceless and personal to them.

This type of jewelry combined military memorabilia – mostly belonging to their soldier, patriotic colors, or a locket.

While many pieces were homemade, personal, and humble in aesthetic, jewelry designers took inspiration and created vibrant patriotic pieces that honored the sentiment of Sweetheart Jewelry.

That’s what I’ve done with these Square Pearl Drop Earrings.

They are the perfect, versatile everyday earrings that are patriotic and classic.

Crafted with delicate crystals in a patriotic colorway and seed beads in various shades of bronze, the effect is elegant and timeless.

Buy them as a gift for the jewelry lover who seems to have it all, or buy them for yourself when you’re looking for an elegant and patriotic piece.

Materials Used To Create These Square Patriotic Drop Earrings


  • Gold Filled Earring Hooks


  • Crystal Rivoli
  • Pear-Shaped Crystal Pearl
  • Seed Beads
  • Crystal Bicones – 3mm
  • Crystal Pearls – 3mm

Measurements Of These Square Patriotic Pearl Drop Earrings

  • Design Length (Without Earring Hooks): ~2.0 inches
  • Width: ~1.0 inches
  • Overall Length (With Earring Hooks): ~2.37 inches


Handmade beaded earrings are delicate.

Please do not wear these beaded earrings while exercising and remove them before going to bed.

You’ll receive a small velvet bag with your purchase of these earrings.

Please consider using it for your jewelry storage.

This velvet bag helps minimize tarnishing and protects against scratches. 

If tarnishing occurs, clean your jewelry gently with a soft, wet cloth.

For the best results, consider taking them to be professionally cleaned.

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