Collection: Patriotic Jewelry

Patriotic Sweetheart Jewelry

Shop patriotic jewelry that allows you to honor your love for country elegantly and uniquely. 

Some pieces within this collection are inspired by Sweetheart Jewelry, which was popular during the Great War of the early 1900s and again during WWII.

It often consisted of military memorabilia, patriotic colors, and personal touches such as photos in lockets - it was worn to honor a soldier. 

Designers of the time took elements of this kind of jewelry, reinterpreted them, and created unique patriotic pieces -  just as I've attempted with my beaded jewelry designs.

In addition to elegant beaded jewelry, you'll also borrow fun glittery resin earrings.  

Each earring set is crafted with dazzling glitter, quality crystal clear resin, and elegant pigments, making them a fun, lightweight accessory for your festive patriotic outfit.  

Whether you're looking for the ideal accessory to wear to work that elegantly shows off your patriotic spirit or a fun accessory to wear to your backyard BBQ, you'll find the perfect accessory within this patriotic jewelry collection.