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Emerald Green Crystal Cross Earrings

Emerald Green Crystal Cross Earrings

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Emerald Green Crystal Cross Earrings – Regal Crystal Earrings

These elegant Emerald Green Crystal Cross Earrings are a big deal!

They’re the only set of faith-based earrings made from dazzling crystal beads.

They’re the first set of faith-based earrings entirely made of dazzling beads – a mix of emerald-green crystal beads, gold and bronze seed beads, bronze glass beads, Swarovski Crystal pearl beads, and a freshwater pearl.

(The first set of faith-based earrings? Virgin Mary Emerald Drop Earrings)

If you’re a faith-driven fashionista who appreciates both style and substance, you’ll adore these vintage-inspired Emerald-Green Crystal Cross Earrings.

You’ll often find yourself reaching for them – whether you’re attending a special occasion or want to add vintage charm to your everyday look.

These earrings are sure to become an everyday favorite, given their versatility.  

Materials Used To Create These Emerald Green Cross Earrings


  • 14k Gold Filled Earring Hooks


  • Bronze Gold Seed Beads
  • Bronze Glass
  • Iris Brown Seed Beads
  • Emerald Crystal Bicones
  • Emerald Crystal Rivoli
  • Fresh Water Pearl
  • Swarovski Pearls

Measurements Of These Emerald Crystal Cross Earrings

  • Design Length (Without Earring Hooks): ~2.0 inches
  • Width: ~1.15 inches
  • Overall Length (With Earring Hooks): ~2.25 inches


Handmade beaded earrings are delicate.

Please do not wear these beaded earrings while exercising, and remove them before going to bed.

You’ll receive a small velvet bag with your purchase of these earrings.

Please consider using it for your jewelry storage.

This velvet bag helps minimize tarnishing and protects against scratches. 

If tarnishing occurs, clean your jewelry gently with a soft, wet cloth.

For the best results, consider taking them to be professionally cleaned.

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