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Pressed Flower Jewelry Pendant - Create Your Own Necklace

Pressed Flower Jewelry Pendant - Create Your Own Necklace

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Pressed Flower Jewelry Pendant – Create your own real flower jewelry

Experience the beauty of timeless accessories with your choice of elegant pressed flower jewelry pendants.

These elegant necklace pendants are delicately adorned with pressed flowers, real gold flakes, and clear resin, making them an enchanting addition to your collection.

If you're looking for the ideal chain to pair with your pendant, check out our selection of stainless steel chain necklaces.

These chains are not only durable but also classic, making them the perfect match for our graceful pressed flower pendants.

Whether you pair your pendant with one of our stainless-steel chains or with an existing piece from your carefully curated jewelry collection, the result will be timeless and effortless.


*  * D I S C L A I M E R *  *
Given the nature of resin work and pressed flowers, no two pieces within this flower jewelry collection will be identical. They will resemble the listing in color, measurements, and materials used.


Materials Used To Create This Pressed Flower Jewelry Pendant


  • Titanium Plated Wire
  • Gunmetal Plated Headpins

Additional Design Materials

  • Real Pressed Flowers
  • Real Gold Flakes
  • Resin

Measurements Of Each Charming Pressed Flower Jewelry Pendant

Pressed Flower Resin Pendants - Teardrop Pendants, Heart Pendants, Circle Pendants



Handmade resin jewelry is delicate.


  • Avoid storing resin jewelry in your car, which could damage the resin finish
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Be mindful of objects that could damage the finish – such as sharp keys on a keychain.
  • Note that resin is a plastic that could break if you apply pressure to any part of it’s design

Please do not wear these pieces while exercising, and remove everything before going to bed.

Consider using the small bag included with your purchase to store your jewelry or use an airtight container to minimize tarnishing.  

If tarnishing occurs, clean your jewelry gently with a soft, wet cloth.

For best results, consider taking it to be professionally cleaned.

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