Press Release: Mexican Style Jewelry Collection

Bold NEW Frida Kahlo Inspired Handmade Jewelry Collection by Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dots

Mexican Style Jewelry Collection by Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dots Previous Next Las Vegas, October 26, 2021Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots took inspiration from the great Frida Kahlo and released a new bold jewelry collection consisting of Mexican-style earrings and vibrant fall necklaces. This collection celebrates Mexican style by using vibrant primary colors and elegant embellishments distinctive of Dia De Los Muertos jewelry. It is perfect for the vintage soul who embraces artistic handmade jewelry with meaning. Frida Kahlo was a bold Mexican artist who expressed herself passionately through her art while enduring great physical and emotional pain. Her work, spirit, and story have inspired artists worldwide – Jessica Gibson, owner of Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dots is no different. Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s bold use of color and embrace of traditional Tehuana dress, Jessica Gibson conceived a collection of Mexican-style jewelry that could easily pair with Frida’s clothing and enliven modern clothing. This collection, while derivative in spirit, is completely original in style and design. “Frida’s passion for life and love is what’s driven me to create this collection. I hope that through my designs, I inspire others to learn more about this brilliant woman as well as to embrace her lively spirit and zest for life,” said Jessica Gibson, CEO & Leading Lady of Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dots. This Mexican Style Jewelry Collection is part of Kaleidoscopes And Polka Dot’s Signature Collection. Prices range from $20.32 to $145.42, allowing for gift giving at all price levels. Kaleidoscopes and Polka Dots is a handmade vintage-inspired jewelry and accessories shop that caters to the vintage-loving soul. Initially established in 2016 as a bookish accessories company, Kaleidoscopes and Polka Dots is owned and operated by Jessica Gibson out of Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information regarding this press release, please get in touch with Jessica Gibson at Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest


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