• Graceful-Pearl-Drop-Earrings-For-Your-Wedding---Blue-&-Gold---Kaleidoscopes-And-Polka-Dots
  • Pearl drop earrings designed with something old and something new for the vintage soul. #pearlearrings #pearldropearrings #dangleanddropearrigs #dangleearrings
  • Fresh water pearl earrings with stainless steel earring hooks #handmadeearrings #handmadewithlove
  • Pearl drop earrings designed with something old and something new for the vintage soul. #pearlearrings #pearldropearrings #dangleanddropearrigs #dangleearrings
  • Graceful-Pearl-Drop-Earrings-For-Your-Wedding---Green-&-Gold---Kaleidoscopes-And-Polka-Dots
  • Pearl Drop Earrings With Embroidered Bead Detail
  • Pearl drop earrings designed with something old and something new for the vintage soul. #pearlearrings #pearldropearrings #dangleanddropearrigs #dangleearrings
  • Graceful-Pearl-Drop-Earrings-For-Your-Wedding-Day-And-Evermore---Kaleidoscopes-And-Polka-Dots
  • Dangle earrings with fresh water pearls and brass earring hooks #handmadeearrings #brassearrings #designerearrings
  • Sweetheart Collection - Inspired by the heartfelt beauty of the 1940s.
  • Pearl Drop Earrings With Embroidered Bead Detail (19)
  • Pearl Drop Earrings With Embroidered Bead Detail (20)

Graceful Pearl Drop Earrings For Your Wedding Day & Evermore


Sometimes, all you’re looking for is a graceful set of pearl drop earrings that speak for themselves and pair beautifully with any outfit or dress – especially for your wedding day.


Pearl Drop Earrings


Accessorizing for a wedding – your own or otherwise – is easy with these graceful pearl drop earrings. 

Available with green, red, or blue handcrafted beaded embroidery, these pearl drop earrings will gracefully help you standout and accessorize any outfit or enhance your look on your special day without taking attention away from your wedding dress. The lever-back earring closure ensures they stay put as you gleefully dance and celebrate all night long and for years to come.

These pearl drop earrings are inspired by the Sweetheart Jewelry trend, which was especially popular during the WWII era – making them a thoughtful accessory for any wedding.

While pearls weren’t readily available in those days, re-purposing of old jewelry was in fashion.

When designing this collection of dangle earrings, the spirit of resourcefulness and nostalgia were front and center with the hope that they would find new life as modern heirlooms.  

Whether you’re looking for something old for your wedding day or for a dash of vintage aesthetic, these delicate bead embroidered earrings with gold, brass, and Swarovski Crystal accents will charm their way into your life for any special occasion for years to come.  


These classic pearl drop earrings are handmade with the following materials. 

  • Hardware:
    • Gold-Filled Head Pins
    • Antique Brass-Plated Lever-Back Earrings
  • Beads:
    • Swarovski Crystal Bicones
    • Seed Beads
    • Satin Bead
    • Round Freshwater Pearls

Please note that these earrings are made with brass plated lever-back earrings which may contain nickel. If you or the person you’re buying for have a sensitivity to earrings, then these may not be the best option. 

Watch this video, or read this article, to learn a little bit more about earring sensitivity. 


The measurements of these drop earrings are as follows: 

  • Top to Bottom: 1.75 inches
  • Design Length: 1.25 inches

Care Instructions

Brass pieces should be stored in airtight containers when not worn to minimize tarnishing. If your earring hooks start to lose their luster, clean them gently with a soft cloth, soap, and water.

Additional information


Blue, Green, Red


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