ClassPass - A great way to explore fitness classes!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all enjoyed a lovely weekend! We’ve certainly enjoyed ours as it’s been filled of cleaning and eating. #ILoveMyLife All the eating has certainly been a welcome change of pace as my diet has been quite bland mostly consisting of crackers, cheeses and a cup of wine here and there.

Given that we’re now in the middle of February I thought it’d be good to talk a bit about my progress of my New Year’s resolutions—specifically my resolution to run more often. To sum it up, it’s been a work in progress. A lot of it has to do with being distracted by work and by family—the wedding is coming up and more and more I seem to have the attention span of a ferret. With that said, ClassPass has really helped me stay on my feet.

Have you heard of this lovely little—soon to be big—gem before? If not, let me tell you a little bit about it. It is not only an affordable monthly subscription to boutique fitness classes running at $79-$99 per month—most of the boutiques I visited were nearly double the price of a class pass subscription—but it also provides members with an incredible selection of classes all across the US! Here are just a few kinds of classes you can choose from as a member: barre, pole dancing, crossfit, yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, boot camp, martial arts, strength training, etc.. (A word of caution when signing up for a class, make sure you read the description and go prepared with proper attire, equipment, and the skill level. I showed up to an advanced crossfit class without realizing it as I only chose it only because it fit my schedule. Obviously I wasn’t able to sit through this class.)

Memorable classes I attended

Intro to Pole Dancing at Shine Alternative Fitness

Word to the wise—the pole often gets in the way of the graceful dancing. Actually, it flat out gets in the way of everything when your name is Jessica Gonzalez.

 I don’t know what I was expecting from this class when I signed up. It didn’t occur to me that this was the dance form often practiced in the nude until the instructor looked at my leggings and asked me if I’d be changing into something else (i.e. short shorts). The more you wear the less you’re able to work the pole as you tend to slide right off without the traction offered by your bear skin. While I didn’t have anything else, she worked quite patiently with me. My attire turned out to be the least of her worries. My lack of tact and lack of core strength turned out to be quite dangerous in this class. I slipped right off one of our first twirls and hit the top of my foot and back quite hard. Hard headed as I can be, I brushed it off, kept at it and ended up as bruised up as a ripe avocado—it was quite a sexy sight.

Monday Madness: Burn off all the weekend calories at Big Cat Boxing

This class really made me feel like a bad a$$. It turned out to be a private class with one of the owners of the studio and boy did he give me a workout!

Initially I envisioned that this would be a group cardio class filled with Jillian Michaels type kickboxing—again I was totally off. It involved dawning boxing gloves, punching punching bags and an intense jump roping circuit. Needless to say—it was an intense class. I loved it—and hated it.

More About ClassPass

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Currently ClassPass members can enjoy the benefits of their subscription in:

·         NYC 

·         Boston

·         San Francisco

·         LA

·         Chicago

·         Washington D.C. 

·         Seattle

·         San Diego

·         Portland

·         Dallas

·         Austin

·         Miami

·         Denver

·         Philly

·         Atlanta

·         Charlotte

·         Columbus

·         Houston

·         Minneapolis

·         Phoenix

·         & LAS VEGAS!

Honestly, when I first heard how much the cost of this membership was I was aghast. I’ve never paid for a gym-like membership that cost more than $189 per year, and that was with the promise that it would decrease to $99 per year every year after (LVAC anyone?). The thing is, ClassPass isn’t a gym membership. It’s a membership that opens up access to many, new and established, boutique fitness centers.

 My former gym membership, while convenient given that it was open 24/7, wasn’t the best hence I had to discontinue attending. The establishment didn’t take care of its members, the equipment seemed to always be in need of maintenance and the focus on working out wasn’t always there for members especially during peak hours, which is before and after work. Boutique fitness centers attract more fitness focused members; they provide a more personable experience; and they also seem to recruit some of the most engaging and well trained instructors around—it is so refreshing! Going forward, I fully intend on renewing my subscription—but I’ll have to wait until the summer. Work is really hectic at the moment and I don’t foresee it getting any less hectic in the near future, hence I can’t keep a continuous membership. What’s great is that such an option is totally viable as ClassPass allows members to put their membership on hold at any time. I think that’s really great as it allows you to plan accordingly and not feel like you’ve paid for something you won’t be able to take advantage of to its fullest.

If you think this is something you’d be interested in trying out for yourself, this link will help you skip the waitlist.

Benefits of having a ClassPass Membership:

·         You get access to great boutique fitness classes within your city.

·         Cost = $79 - $99 a month (price varies by city)

·         You can workout in ANY city where ClassPass is available.

·         You can put your membership on hold at any time.

·         It allows you UNLIMITED classes at participating studios until March 2015.

·         Variety! (barre, yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, boot camp, martial arts, strength training and more!).

·         They have an iTunes app to help you manage your account and are working on an Android app as we speak.

·         Arranging to go with your friends is also quite easy as you can share your calendar with them. 

·         Their automatic system sends you email reminders a day ahead of time.

ClassPass isn’t only great for members but also for studios!

·         It provides studios with a great marketing platform. Some of the gyms I visited were in the outskirts of town. I would have never found out about them, nor thought to search for them, had they not been listed through ClassPass. 

·         Helps studios focus on what they love to do--teach--while ClassPass helps them grow their business!

Because few things in the world are perfect, here are a few cons:

·         You can only visit certain boutiques three times per cycle.

·         If you can’t make it to a class, you have to anticipate it 12 hours in advance otherwise you may incur a $15 cancellation fee & if you don't show up at all you get charged $20.