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Coral Heart Bookmark

Coral Heart Bookmark

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Coral Heart Bookmark – The Cheerful & Elegant Bookmark You’ll Love Using During Every Reading Adventure

This cheerful coral heart bookmark is sure to warm your heart every time you reach for it during your reading journey.

Coral Swarovski Crystal pearls adorn this sweet bookmark, while various glass beads and unpolished ocean agate complement the design.

There is much to love about this beaded bookmark, especially its cheerful color scheme.

Whether you’re a hardback queen or a paperback enthusiast, you are sure to find the perfect length as it's available in various sizes.


Ultimately, the cord length is your choice!

If you're shopping for the perfect bookish gift, this might be lovely string bookmark might be for you. 

It's not only lovely, but it's incredibly functional and helpful when it comes to doing it's job. 

 The Inspiration Behind The Coral Whimsy Collection


Materials used to make this coral heart bookmark


  • Silver Plated Brass Charm

Additional Design Materials

  • Waxed Cord
  • Glass Beads
  • Seed Beads

Measurements of coral heart bookmark

  • Cord Length

 You decide! For reference, my standard length is about 12 inches, and it accommodates most hardbacks.

  • Ball End Length: ~1 inch
  • Heart Charm Length: ~1.5 inches


If you need to clean your beaded bookmark, gently clean it with a soft, wet cloth.

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