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Red Sugar Skull Crystal Tassel Earrings

Red Sugar Skull Crystal Tassel Earrings

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Red Sugar Skull Crystal Tassel Earrings – Elegant Sugar Skull Statement Earrings

Celebrate Day of The Dead (a.k.a. Dia De Los Muertos) with bold colors and exuberance with these red sugar skull crystal tassel earrings.

These Day Of The Dead red sugar skull tassel earrings are paired with black Swarovski beads and pearl beads.

Seed beads create an elegant foundation for the crystal tassels, creating an elegant ribbon effect.

No, these aren’t your average everyday earrings.

You can certainly wear them all day, every day.

These are vibrant statement earrings for when you’re looking for a bit of fun and a lot of compliments.

You will adore the beautiful Swarovski crystal beads that sway gracefully from every ribbon tassel.

They're a bit weighty, but you'll love them so much you won't even want to take them off.

Dia De Los Muertos is an occasion to honor our deceased loved ones with festive music, amazing food, mesmerizing altars, storytelling, and incredible costumes.

These Dia De Los Muertos Earrings embody the spirit of the holiday, given their festive design.

Perfect for the days when you want to stand out, make a statement, or on occasion when you’re feeling especially festive.

Get your sugar skull earrings for Dia De Los Muertos or for any time you need a reminder to celebrate the moment.

The inspiration behind these Red Sugar Skull Black Crystal Tassel Earrings

Day of the Dead celebrates the lives of those we’ve lost and loved through lively festivals, spiritual rituals, captivating costumes, and fantastic food.

These red sugar skull black crystal earrings are part of a jewelry collection that embodies the spirit of the holiday through bold and elegant designs.

To me, these beaded tassel earrings are the perfect occasions when you’re feeling incredibly vibrant and confident, occasions when you’re unafraid to stand out.

Whether you wear these as your only statement jewelry piece or as an accompaniment to a bold outfit, you are sure to love how they make you feel.

Materials used to create these Red Sugar Skull Black Crystal Tassel Earrings


  • Stainless Steel Earring Hooks *
  • Gunmetal-Plated Findings



* If you have sensitive ears, please watch this video or read this article where I explore which metals are hypoallergenic. Stainless steel earring hooks may contain nickel, which is often the cause of irritation.

Additional Design Materials

  • Swarovski Crystal Beads
  • Czech Skull Beads
  • Seed Beads
  • Glass Beads

Measurements of these Red Sugar Skull Black Crystal Tassel Earrings

  • Top to Bottom: 3.25 inches
  • Design Length: 2.50 inches


Handmade beaded jewelry is delicate.

Please do not wear these pieces while exercising, and remove everything before going to bed.

Consider using the small bag included with your purchase to store your jewelry, or use an airtight container to minimize tarnishing.  

If tarnishing occurs, clean your jewelry gently with a soft, wet cloth.

For best results, consider taking it to be professionally cleaned.


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