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Glittery Skull Halloween Keychain

Glittery Skull Halloween Keychain

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Glittery Skull Halloween Keychain – Magical Halloween Resin Charms

Why not add a Glittery Skull Halloween Keychain to your accessory collection?

Yes, these keychains are Halloween-themed, but truly they’re charming all year round.

If you have a friend who adores the spooky season – we all have one – you can count on them using this glittery skull keychain as long as possible.

These skull keychains, while very similar to my skull charms, are almost three times bigger and, therefore, better suited as keychains.

They are made of synthetic resin - a plastic - chunky glitter, and stainless-steel hardware, making them lightweight and unique.

Given their size, quality, and fun energy, they’re quite lovely and make fun holiday gifts.

Buy one for you, a friend, or a partner, and share in the joy of giving memorable gifts they’ll love using while thinking of you.

Materials Used To Create These Glittery Skull Halloween Keychains


  • Keychain lobster clip
  • Stainless steel findings

Additional Design Materials:

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Chunky Glitter
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Gold Flake

Measurements Of Each Glittery Skull Halloween Keychain

  • Overall Length: ~3.55 inches
  • Skull Height: ~ 1.25inches
  • Skull Width: ~.1 inches
  • Skull Length: ~.1.50 Inches


Handmade resin keychain accessories are delicate.


  • Avoid storing resin accessories in your car, which could damage the resin finish
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Be mindful of objects that could damage the finish – such as sharp keys on a keychain.
  • Note that resin is a plastic that could break if you apply pressure to any part of it’s design
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