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Star Charm Pearl Beaded Bookmark

Star Charm Pearl Beaded Bookmark

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Star Charm Pearl Beaded Bookmark – Elegant String Bookmarks

Don’t underestimate the functionality of this elegant Star Charm Pearl Beaded Bookmark.

It’s truly a joy to use on any reading journey, as the waxed cotton cord doesn’t bend or slip out, ensuring you won’t miss a step whenever you pick up where you left off.

If you’re shopping for a treat for yourself or are on the hunt for a perfect gift for a fellow book lover, buy this beautiful bookmark.

Whether you love reading paperback books or hardback books, you won’t be disappointed with the length of your beaded bookmark, as it’s your choice.

Adorned with a Swarovski Crystal pearl, clear beads, and black beads and topped off with a silver-plated brass star charm, this is a bookmark that shines with the stars.

Materials used to create this Star Charm Beaded Bookmark


  • Waxed Cord
  • Silver Plated Brass Charm

Additional Design Materials

  • Glass Beads
  • Seed Beads
  • Swarovski Crystal Pearl Bead
  • Black Geometric Bead

Measurements of this Star Charm Pearl Beaded Bookmark

  • Cord Length: You decide!

For reference, my standard length is about 12 inches, and it accommodates most hardbacks.

  • Ball End Length: ~.75 inch
  • Star Charm Length: ~1.50 inches


If you need to clean your beaded bookmark, gently clean it with a soft wet cloth.

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